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What If?
True Stories and Alternate Endings

A Chicken Lips Production

We all have stories that we wonder “what if?” about.

What if you had taken that job?

Married that first love?

Went to Hollywood instead of college?

Said no? Said yes?

Come and listen to our stories.

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 About the chicken

What if the chicken crossed the road?

Join Maya, Jodi, Caitlin, Andrea, and special guests for the true stories and the “what if” alternate endings we all wonder about in our lives – from funny and sad to goofy and glad. We’re baring our souls, telling secrets, and sharing resources – grab some coffee and join us.

We are real friends with real stories to share – ours and yours. Listen to each episode and then join the conversation on our various social media channels.


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 About the show

True stories from real people and the exploration of what if it went differently.

What If?

What if …  you had made a different choice?

What if …  the circumstances were different?

What if …  sh*t went another way?

Explore true stories and alternate endings with us.

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