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Join Maya, Jodi, Caitlin, Andrea, and special guests for the true stories and the “what if” alternate endings we all wonder about in our lives – from funny and sad to goofy and glad. We’re baring our souls, telling secrets, and sharing resources – grab some coffee and join us.

We are real friends with real stories to share – ours and yours. Listen to each episode and then join the conversation on our various social media channels.

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About Us


Jodi of all trades, master of chaos. The one that requires a censor for sensitive ears.


Writer, editor, actress, chocolate connoisseur. The one who loves Jesus but has a naughty streak. Makes a fairly accurate chipmunk imitation.


Loves being a part of the entertainment industry. Mental wellness is especially important to her. Laughter is her antidepressant. The one who is a Blockhead4Life.


Nostalgic about everything. Inclusive and sensitive. Fights persistent existential angst with absurd humor. The one who likes when movies culminate in a dance contest.

About the Chicken

What if the chicken crossed the road? 

We are Chicken Lips Productions – a cross-country group of former work colleagues and friends looking for a creative outlet with no boundaries, activism, or censorship. We purposely avoid politics and religion because we want to unit listeners – not divide them. You’re welcome. 

As for the name … Chicken Lips Productions was formed in the Fall of 2020 when long-lost friends Jodi and Andrea touched base over Facebook and then turned it into a phone call. Jodi said, “remember when we worked together and you asked ‘do chickens have lips?’” … and then “let’s do a project together.” The rest is history…

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